Nationally, 75% of customers leave delivery without a vehicle service contract. Few dealers actively market F&I products post delivery because they don’t have a system in place, nor do they have the expertise to effectively reach their extensive active or inactive customer bases.


A very low percentage of monthly service customers have ever met  dealership F&I departments or have been introduced to the value these products offer. That number drops even further when you consider those service customers who are eligible for F&I products. In addition, most service advisors don’t have the necessary tools and time to offer F&I products in an effective manner when and how the customer is most likely to buy.


Customers who leave F&I without VSCs or other products will often reconsider, but are unable to easily facilitate the research and finance the purchase. Our platform accomplishes this, plus offers the same type of online shopping and facilitation customers use today for financial and related purchases. We also offer our service to your existing customer base by identifying eligible customers and their vehicles and matching them up with your provider rates and terms.


For the vast majority of your sale customers that decline vehicle service agreements at time of delivery, the internet is ripe for opportunity to market them online that historically has not been fully engaged by dealerships, but it has by third-party non-dealer centric service contact providers through direct mail and similar off-line first contact marketing.